Children can find talking to a therapist to be intimidating or even embarrassing. Some children find peer interactions to be just as difficult. Electronic Gaming Therapy is the technique of using video game technology to take the pressure off of interacting one to one with a therapist and with peers. Just as you may find it easier to talk with your child while driving in the car than over the dinner table, talking about feelings and problems can be easier while playing a game. In a group setting, Electronic Gaming Therapy can provide a more comfortable environment for learning to get along with peers.

For more information, refer to "The use of electronic games in therapy: a review with clinical implications," published in Current Psychiatry Reports (2014) 16:520 DOI 10.1007/s11920-014-0520-6.

EGT Inc. is dedicated to developing methods and materials that promote the positive aspects of using electronic gaming technology in the home and in healthcare and educational settings. The Signal Cycle Model is our approach for integrating cognitive-behavior therapy and training in communication, social, coping and problem-solving skills with electronic gaming technology. EGT Inc. services include social skills and friendship groups for elementary, middle, high school and college age students at our office. Our school consultation services include psychological assistive technology evaluations; functional behavior assessments and interventions that combine the Ziggaraut and Signal Cycle models; psychoeducational programs for small group or class room instruction on social and coping skills; and training on how to conduct groups and programs as well as our materials.

The three licensed clinical staff of EGT Inc. also maintain private practices at the same address listed below. Please click on the Services link for more information about the Private Practice.